Monday, February 6, 2012

blue it is

This is a continuation of this post. I got quite a few opinions (thanks everybody!) via emails and fb comments, as well as some comments here, and BLUE has won hands down! Also, the trim being a different color was met with boos and hisses. So, now comes the nerve-racking time of choosing just the right shade, which I, of course, will rely on you to tell me what in the world that is. So here's the first one, Biscay:

Nice, isn't it? And here's the second one, Aquarium:

And the third, Nifty Turquoise:

Or four, Surfer:

Or am I going all wrong? And for my next question: should I paint it and just let that be it, or should I do a black glaze over the blue like in the pictures below?


Jennie said...

My first choice is 'Surfer' then 'Biscay' then 'Aquarium'. I would say no glaze, but then it would still look good with it.

Bess said...

I like Aquarium, then Surfer. The glaze is not necessary unless you think it would add to the overall look of your room. It would definitely cut down on the brightness of the piece, and you may want that.

Lydia said...

I like Aquarium, then Surfer, I just think the other two might be a bit dark. I like the look of the glaze, how cool! but it will tone down the color. So it's not essential. :) Hope that helps.

Sarah Mc. said...

I like Aquarium best too! It just depends on how bright you want it for the glaze but I definitely like it!