Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I do think of her in every variety of circumstance

Wanted to share this post on Jane Austen's death day today. The relationship she had with her sister was really amazing, and for those who have cared for and lost someone close Cassandra's words will ring true.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Robin of Sherwood

Little John and Robin

My hero and I have been enjoying the show Robin of Sherwood probably more than is respectable. I'll go ahead and say right up front that it's in all likelihood not for everyone. The 80's hair alone may prove too much for the elderly, pregnant, or those with health conditions.  (Lady Marion's hair is a bit much for me at times.)
80's hair

But it's just a lot of fun! Yes. We're nerds. My hero thought it was cool when he was a youngish teen so revisiting it was inevitable.

We're both die-hard fans of Robin Hood (and Sherlock Holmes and Earl Grey tea), and if one doesn't take oneself or this show too seriously all will be well.
Not taking oneself too seriously begins here.
(L-to-R: Nasir, Little John, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet, Much, and Robin in front.)

There are 2 sets (5 DVDs each) put out by Acorn Media. Set one features Michael Praed as Robin (he's better), set two Jason Connery.
Jason Connery as Robin

The Hooded Man and companions spend most of their time fighting The Sheriff of Nottingham (Nikolas Grace) and Sir Guy of Gisburne . It's old school. So prepare for the group adventure of fighting against evil oppressors, helping the poor, endeavoring to restore truth and justice, and eating of the king's venison now and again.

 The theme music is by the most excellent Clannad.