Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Quiz

I am of the opinion that is is time for a quiz. 'You will be quizzed  famously!' (...sorry, John Thorpe there for a minute) Are you up for a contest? Do you have sporting blood in your veins? Answer that question in the affirmative and then answer as many of the below questions as you can, and feel free you use your book.

Yes, this is an open book test. Boy, I am a nice teacher. All of these q. s pertain to Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey which some of you just read, so perhaps it's still fresh? We shall see... The contest will be open for at least a week so everyone has time to put down their most profound and scholarly answers... or whatever you've got.

All of these questions are taken from So You Think You Know Jane Austen?: A Literary Quizbook by John Sutherland & Deirdre Le Faye. And I have it, so I already know all of the answers. Yes, I looked at the back of the book. I'm sorry. Not really.


1) How many children do the Reverend Mr and Mrs Morland have? How many of their Christian names do we know?

2) Where did Henry go to university?

3) What are the 'friends of Henry's solitude' at Woodston?

4) What aspect of Catherine's walk does General Tilney particularly admire?

5) What do we know of Henry's complexion and what does this mean?

6) What color dress (as Mrs Allen's needle-sharp eye notes) does Miss Tilney 'always wear'?

7) Who says, 'after all the romancers may say, there is no doing without money'?

8) For what does the General rebuke Fredrick on the day the rest of the family leave Bath?

9) Why, having just arrived at Bath (to arrange accommodations for himself and his father and his sister) does Henry suddenly leave, and what should we deduce from his departure?

10) On the trip to Northanger Abbey we are informed that Catherine has a 'new writing desk'. What may we deduce from it?

11) Why does Catherine not, as she plans, steal out at midnight to investigate the 'mysterious apartments' in which, she is convinced, the General's poor wife is secretly incarcerated?

12) Why does Jane Austen specifically tell us that Catherine has a 'charming game of play with a litter of puppies just able to roll about' in Henry's stable-yard at Woodston?

13) In the company of Henry and Eleanor, General Tilney clearly seems to think that Catherine is the Allens' heiress (basing this on John Thorpe's misinformation). Are Eleanor and Henry similarly deceived as to Catherine's wealth and handsome prospects?

14) Catherine thinks Isabella is now engages to Captain Tilney and that the Captain will gallop back to his father (as James rushed back to Fullerton) for paternal permission. Henry's guess is that his brother's marrying Isabella is 'not probable'. Has he know this from the first?

15) Why has Catherine, even before the General's wrathful return, suggested that she should, perhaps, leave?

16) Why is Henry not at Northanger Abbey when Catherine is summarily banished?

17) How long is it before Henry appears at Fullerton to propose?

18) How long do Henry and Catherine have to wait for parental consent?

John Sutherland & Deirdre Le Faye suggest that if you score over 15, good for you! If you scored over 10 but under 15, skim the novel again. Over 5 but under 10, reread the novel. Under 5, throw the book away and watch TV.

(aerial view of Bath)


Anna Vermillion said...

Oh I love teachers that give open book quizes. :)

1)10; James, Catherine, Sarah,
George, & Harriet

2) Oxford

3)a large Newfoundland puppy & 2 or 3 terriors

4)elasticity of her walk

5)a brown skin complexion
He spends much time outdoors unlike his father who takes walks early in the morning. Also, this isn't the complexion Isabella wants in a man.



8)F. Tilney was late for breakfast & General Tilney rebuked him for his laziness.

9)Henry left to get lodgings for his father & sister. I would guess his father had something to do w/ this abruptness. Also, I think this shows Henry's responsibility to his family.

10)Maybe Mr. & Mrs. Allen gave this to Catherine since she was leaving their care & we do know that Catherine writes letters & finds this to be important.

11)Catherine fell asleep an half-hour before midnight.

12)Maybe because these were Henry's friends of solitude & it also mentions that fresh objects & fresh air is where Captain Tilney is not. Also, we know that Catherine loves the outdoors & this home & land would suit her just fine.

13)No! Henry & Eleanor knew nothing as to why their father took a liking to Catherine. Henry was convinced (before his father threw her out) of his father's believing it to be an advatageous connection.

14)Henry's brother had his vanities as well, but he was different to Isabella in that he had a stronger head. Also, Isabella had no $.

15)Captain Tilney said that it would soon be the 4th week of her stay & it might seem intruding if she stayed much longer.

16)Henry had prior engagements of his curate and had to go to Woodston because of this on Sat. and stay a couple nights.

17)3 days

18)about 9 months because Catherine had been gone 3 mo.
(11 wks.) and they married 12 mo. from the 1st day they met

Well, I did guess on some completely and will wait for you to put me in my place. ;) I was grateful that the book is fresh on my mind though. Anna

Grace said...

Apparently this does not want me to answer your questions. I assure you that I did and I will post them again but I do not have the energy to try again right now:)

Esther said...

Uggg! Oh, Grace, that is so frustrating! I hate it when that happens. Write it on your computer, then cut and paste it as the comment on the blog, so that doesn't happen again.

Grace said...

Thank you for the suggestion Esther. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that… other than that I am still getting used to computers again So, here is my attempt at answering the questions… I am going to try to answer as many as I can without using the book. We’ll see how it goes.
1)10. Besides Catherine there is James, Sarah, George and Harriet
3)His dogs
4)Her “elasticity”?
5)Brown complexion. I assume this means that he is in the sun a lot.
8)General Tilney admonishes Frederick for his tardiness and laziness especially since they have Catherine as a guest.
9)I think this shows Henry’s responsibility to his family. Also, maybe it shows how much General Tilney’s family are at his beck and call.
10)Maybe it is mentioned to remind the reader how important writing letters is to Catherine?
11)She fell asleep
12)I think this is to show that although Catherine has done a lot of growing up during her travels she is still young at heart… as she should be.
13)I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think that they do think that she is rich. I feel like they were uncomfortable when General Tilney keeps assuming this, but maybe I just read into it.
15)She wanted to make sure she wasn’t intruding since she had already been there for a month.
16)He had prior engagements at his home(Woodston?)
17)3 days
18)I think about 9 months