Sunday, February 5, 2012

paint the piano?

Okay, folks, so I'm thinking of painting my piano. What at first sounded like a crazy idea is now sounding rather snazzy. So here is a picture of what my piano looks like now:

Notice the color of the room as this plays into the whole decor thing, and vote for your favorite color/picture or suggest something all your own. I need help!


And this is just a great picture:

I've also played with the idea of doing the trim in a contrasting color. Good idea? Bad idea? (The post is continued here.)


Lydia said...

We like BLUE, and I don't particularly like the idea of painting the trim a different color.

Katy said...

I'm a sucker for that blue color in #1 or #6. I couldn't see #5, but doubt I'd like it better. And I'm with Lyd. I think all one color would be best. Fun!

Sarah Mc. said...

I love the red! But I'm with Lyd and Katy on keeping it all one color :)

Bess said...

It should be a shade that matches your ever increasing Wodehouse collection. ;-) I like the blue, then the red. Green is last.

Lit~Lass said...

It seems like I'm the only one so far whose first impressions favor the simplicity of four. Maybe it's because my own piano is light colored. I'm going to see if I can post a picture of it here, but that might not be something one can do in comments. The lady we bought it from had painted pink, purple and white (like lilacs) flowers, with gold leaves on it. The gold is a little too ornate for my taste, but it's still a very pretty little piano and the embellishments always draw comments.

Esther said...

Lit~Lass, #4 initially appealed to me too (and still does), but now I'm wondering if some color is what I need?? I like the tones of your piano (color tones that is :)), but my house already has a lot of earth tones (and some black).

Sarah, I can't believe you are the only one who chose red as their favorite! I thought everyone would vote for red!

Katy & Lyd, the vote is unanimous on all one color, and, Bess, I like basing the choice on my Wodehouse books. How sound! :)