Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Matthew made this delicious drink for us. You simply must try it!


1/2 litre water
4 spoons powdered coffee (no instant)
80 ml brown rum
200g whipped cream
Boil water and brew a strong coffee. Place 2t. sugar into 4 mugs (2t. each mug). Warm rum, pour 20ml into each mug. Pour hot coffee into each mug. Top with lots of whipped cream.

Learn more about this national drink of Nordstrand.

The Pharisäer got its name, according to legend, like this:
A peasant by the name of Peter Georg Johannsen celebrated the baptism of his seventh child in 1872. Amongst the guests was the reverend Bleyer, who had strictly forbidden that his fold should imbibe alcohol. No true baptism was complete without some alcohol to celebrate the baptised, however, so the cheeky farmer had an idea: he mixed rum with sugar, poured hot coffee on the mixture and put whipped cream on top, thus preventing the rum from evaporating and giving this neat trick away through its aromatic smell. The reverend just got plain coffee with the whipped cream on top. The guests got merrier and merrier by the minute, and a good deal noisier, too. Fate took its due course, and eventually the reverend got hold of a 'wrong' cup. On realising what had been going on, he exclaimed:

Oh ihr Pharisäer!


The R said...

Love this photo!

Esther said...

You'll love the drink too!:) We used Jerry's spiced rum. (We had originally bought it for you Ginger Mojito Martini.)

Anna said...

The story behind the drink is great and it made me laugh:) That right there, well besides the great picture w/ fresh whipped cream heaped up in the corner, made me want to try the drink. Thanks for the post:) Okay E and I think it's funny when people leave this comment ('thanks for the post')and I couldn't resist. I'm pretty sure that if Jane A. lived in this century she would think it funny too. And her sister Cassandra.

Esther said...

Thanks for commenting on my post.;)