Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I do think of her in every variety of circumstance

Wanted to share this post on Jane Austen's death day today. The relationship she had with her sister was really amazing, and for those who have cared for and lost someone close Cassandra's words will ring true.


Lydia said...

"I thank God that I was enabled to attend her to the last, and amongst my many causes of self-reproach I have not to add any wilful neglect of her comfort."

I'm with Cassandra in that last paragraph especially. I think of Mom in Heaven, times we had on Earth, and sometimes when I look at myself or a sister. We all have some of her in a look, in a word, and in our hearts.

Esther said...

Yes. "May the sorrow with which she is parted with on earth be a prognostic of the joy with which she is hailed in heaven!”

And I esp. was struck by, "I know the time must come when my mind will be less engrossed by her idea, but I do not like to think of it.” But I'm not even sure that time must come. It is impossible to imagine.

Lydia said...

Wholly agree.