Saturday, June 18, 2011

business as usual...

This is what's going on in the back of my car on the way to swim.

E: Red Dead Revolver (video game) is really cool.
A: Is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Samurai Jack still your favorite?
E: Nah....
A: E., that means you are growing up. You are getting mature, because Red Dead Revolver is a pretty big game.
E: Red is a really good shooter.
A: Well, I read a story about a girl who was a really good shooter. Her name is Annie Oakley. She was really real and she went out in the woods and shot deer when she was eight years old! I have the book of it, but I haven't gotten a chance to read it all yet. How old is Red (on Red Dead Revolver)?
E: Um, about 23.
A: When she grew up Annie Oakley married a man who was a really good shot too. She could shoot blindfolded. Can Red shoot blindfolded?
E: Um...
A: E., remember on Tom Sawyer how Huck Finn turned and threw that knife at that tree? He said his father had taught him that. Injun Joe had killed his father.
E: Why did he kill his father?
A, Oh, they have that on a lot of movies. Where the child wants revenge, like on Prince Caspian. Remember when they thought Tom was dead?
E: Yeah! Yeah! And remember on Anne (of Green Gables) how they thought she was dead (He's laughing.). Her boat came back and they were like, “We killed her and she's dead now! Whaaaaaa!” (He's waving his arms to demonstrate.) That was so, so funny! It was the best part of the movie.
N: But did she die?
E: Nah, Dilbert saved her.
A: Gilbert. It's Gilbert. Mom, do we have to put on sunscreen? It's in the evening.


parahkyles said...

Can Ahlana come to teach me more about these themes in literature?

Esther said...

I'm sure she would love that.

Lydia said...

Too funny, your kids crack me up :)