Friday, December 3, 2010

Wodehouse contest

Well, it's not the Great Sermon Handicap, but I thought it high time for a bit of sport. So grab the jigger, shaker, and the necessary tissue restoratives and give these "Wodehouseians" a gander. (You may look in any Wodehouse book if you are in need of assistance.)

Aunt Dalhlia
Empress of Blandings
Stilton Cheeswright
Galahad Threepwood
Scripture Knowledge
Lady Hermione Wedge
Aunt Agatha
Vanessa Cook

1) Which character (character, in every sense of the word) does the following describe? "After the life he had lead he had no right to burst with health, but he did. Where most of his contemporaries had long ago thrown in the towel and retired to cure resorts to nurse their gout, he had gone blithely on, ever rising on stepping stones of dead whiskeys and sodas to higher things. He had discovered the prime grand secret of eternal youth - to keep the decanter circulating, to stop smoking only when snapping the lighter for his next cigarette and never to retire to rest before three in the morning."

2) Who is it that "...eats broken bottles and is strongly suspected of turning into a werewolf at the time of the full moon?"

3) What is it that Bertie thinks a Trappist monk specializes in?

4) Who is it that is described as looking like a cook? And when perturbed, looking like a "cook who smells something burning?" (This is the same character whom Gally has seen "spanked by the Nanny with a hairbrush.")

5) This person frequently addresses Bertie as "a young blot," and is also known for having a voice of great volume (going back to hunting days).

6) Bertie frequently refers to a prize he won at school. What is it?

7) Which philosopher is Jeeves often reading?

8) What character is described as having a "friendly face", likes potatoes, and is adored by Lord Emsworth?


Abby said...

No cheating involved here, but Caleb did supply most of the answers.

1. Galahad Threepwood
2. Aunt Dalhlia
3. golf
4. Vanessa Cook
5. Aunt Agatha
6. Scripture Knowledge
7. Spinoza
8. Empress of Blandings

Esther said...

Thanks Abby! I should have said before (and I'll put it in now), but this is an open book contest. Anyone may look in any Wodehouse book. In light of that if you want to resubmit you may (but I'm not saying you should!).

The R said...

Jut guessing on some...
Galahad Threepwood
Stilton Cheeswright
Aunt Agatha
Scripture Knowledge
Empress of Blandings

Lydia said...

Unus: Galahad Threepwood
duo: Aunt Agatha
tres: silence
quatuor: Lady Hermione Wedge
quinque: Aunt Dalhlia
sex: scripture knowledge
septem: Spinoza
ocoto: Empress of Blandings

If any are right it's a lucky guess (most likely made by Drew). I only know a few for sure :)

Anna said...

1)Galahad Threepwood
2)Aunt Agatha
4)Lady Hermione Wedge
5)Stilton Cheeswright (not sure?)
6)Scripture Knowledge (of course)
8)Empress of Blandings

Anna said...

I didn't look at any votes until after I posted mine and couldn't believe that Lydrew and I have only one difference. Is this good or bad? :)

Lydia said...

You can't put the same as ME!!! ;)

Anna said...

I just did baby ;) I guess we'll just have to see who got the # 5 one right. This is war!

Lydia said...

I'm waiting!!! (sigh)

PS Of course I'm right

Anna said...

Hey there Lyd. I thought I might have scared you off w/ my fightin' words, but didn't think it would be that easy. :)
P.S. Of course you're right...why would I ever dare to go against you? I don't know.
P.S.2 It would just be wrong for you two to win more than one of these bits of jolly good sport. Oh well, somebody always has to be inferior, and I guess you "didn't make it through the 3rd grade for nothin'." Good luck to you both. Love ya.

Lydia said...

Hahaha, you're hilariuos ;) Scare me? My mental capacities are twice what your's are! (To quote from the same movie :) Yes, yes with this whole new-fangled text communication you can't hash things out right then and there anymore! And then there's the silence (when your computer doesn't talk back), and then the intensity of not being sure that you've offended (which is the end goal, right?) I dare say we need more banter and trash-talking in our lives. Helps sharpen the wit, old gal! Jolly-O, pip pip and all that rot.

PS. All that was to say, "I miss you"